• FX 118 "Transportation" - In a world that's on the go, you can't have too many transportation sounds. On this disc you'll find the sounds and atmospheres related to the airport, subway, streets, and trains.
  • FX 117 "Commerce" - Filled with everything related to commerce, from cash registers to credit cards, mall atmospheres to office supplies.
  • FX 116 "Essentials II" - More of the most useful and most requested sounds, from construction, school, sports, and everyday items like clocks and appliances. A frequent go-to disc for basic effects.
  • FX 115 "War" - Guns, explosions, missiles, and even tanks fill this disc of war sounds. Packed with enough munitions for all your battle sound needs.
  • FX 114 "Horror" - Enter the dark side with this disc of horror sounds. Wind, rain, creaking doors, monsters, creepy atmospheres, and the occasional cadaver.
  • FX 113 "Droid World" - Head into the future with this collection of Sci-Fi sounds including spaceships, lasers, robots, and much more. Indispensable for anything hi-tech or off-world.
  • FX 112 "Essentials" - A composite collection of the most useful and most requested sounds, from alarm clocks to dentist drills, heartbeats to breaking windows. If you want one disc you'll use over and over for basic effects, this is the one.
  • FX 111 "Human Elements" - Whatever you need, we've got people who say it! Individuals with every possible response and sound, and groups who laugh, groan, clap, cheer, and shout "yes" or "no" or "what?". Creating comedy spots is a breeze with this disc of 120 human cues.
  • FX 110 "Front Row, Center" - It's showtime! Lots of applause, crowd murmurs, cheers and whistles. The orchestra tunes up, individual musicians get ready. The disc also includes fireworks sounds! Environments include rock concerts, classical concerts, a jazz club and a soprano recital.
  • FX 109 "On the Road" - Cars, cars, cars. And trucks, motorcycles and busses. Lots of coming and going, plus interior sounds of alarms, keys, doors, windows, and motors starting (and not starting!). Environments include city and freeway traffic, a bus ride and a peaceful country road.
  • FX 108 "On The Farm" - This disc has everything you would expect to hear on the farm and then some! All the animals are here, of course, and basic machines. Also included are the sentimental sounds - the creaking of the rocker on the front porch, and the sound of a light rain.
  • FX 107 "Personal Fitness/Leisure" - Put on your jogging shorts and lets go! This disc has the sounds of all sorts of personal fitness activities (including most gym machines), personal sports (sailing, jogging), and other leisure activities (slot machines?!!). Environments include bowling alley, fitness club, and indoor and outdoor tennis.
  • FX 106 "Competitive Sports" - Get ready for fun with this disc of professional sports sounds, including giant stadium crowds, officials, and close-up sports sounds. (How many more spots will we hear with our golf swing?!). Composite environment tracks include baseball, football, boxing, auto racing, and horse racing.
  • FX 105 "At the Airport" - You can smell the jet fuel with this disc, which features lots of jets and props, as well as airport sounds, including security and baggage handling. Environments include several terminal backgrounds, airplane interiors, and general flight line sounds.
  • FX 104 "Under Construction" - Jackhammers, steam rollers, bulldozers and cranes can make a lot of noise, and it's all here! Along with hand tools and small power tools. Environments include skyscraper construction, road construction, home construction and a demolition scene.
  • FX 103 "Emergency!" - Here come the cops, the fire trucks, and the EMT's. Here's the sound of traffic accidents, city fire scenes, and hospital emergency rooms.
  • FX 102 "At the Office" - Phones, fax machines, computer beeps and people dominate this disc of sounds from the typical office. Environments include several different office sounds, a stockholder's meeting and an office building lobby.
  • FX 101 "Around the House" - From door bells to alarms, toilets to trash compactors, this disc has the sound of virtually anything you can find around the typical house. Environment tracks include daytime and nighttime in the suburbs, and a busy household.

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