• LAE 16 "Aspire" - Sweeping, panoramic orchestral tracks that are both uplifting and inspirational. Twelve bold, cinematic tracks, each with broadcast edits and alternate mixes.
  • LAE 15 "Behind the Story" - Quiet uncertainty slowly builds to a dramatic finish in these beautifully crafted tracks by Francesco Siano. Ten tracks with broadcast edits bring out the emotion behind the story.
  • LAE 14 "Forgotten Land" - Cresting the mountaintop, before you lies a beautiful, expansive, empty land that time forgot. Twelve tracks with broadcast edits - slowly building, sweeping, powerful cinematic and full of raw emotion.
  • LAE 13 "Equinox" - Pull your audience into your futuristic sci-fi docu-drama with these mystery-laced audio textures. Sixteen gradually evolving tracks with broadcast edits.
  • LAE 12 "Heartland" - Lush, emotional, sweeping, patriotic, inspirational orchestral scores with a touch of Americana. Thirteen tracks with broadcast edits for proud, moving moments.
  • LAE 11 "Invincible" - The power and the glory of sweeping orchestra, pounding drums, and edgy guitar. Twelve soundtracks with broadcast edits from today's movie composers.
  • LAE 10 "The Wonderful Life" - Sweeping orchestra, playful pizzicato, and dramatic emotional themes capture Hollywood's take on life.
  • LAE 9 "Raw Reality" - Dark, pulsing, mysterious tracks with a sense of suspense and anticipation for reality programming.
  • LAE 8 "Cinemagic" - Lush orchestral cinematic tracks teeming with emotion and drama; multiple edit points.
  • LAE 7 "Stealth " - Mystery, suspense, and action/adventure soundtracks with various alternate versions for scoring to picture.
  • LAE 6 "Daylight" - Brighten any scene with these optimistic tracks full of hope and sunshine.
  • LAE 5 "Dark Atmospheres" - Dark, swirling, spacious, ambient soundscapes for sci-fi, altered reality, flashbacks or dream sequences.
  • LAE 4 "Future City" - The city of the future is alive with motion, pulsing information, and a bright outlook.
  • LAE 3 "Twisted Dreams" - Drama and horror soundtracks with creepy strings and frightening effects.
  • LAE 2 "Desert Sands" - The intrigue, drama and turmoil of the Mideast unfold in these themes featuring duduk and ethnic percussion.
  • LAE 1 "Fantasia" - Sweeping adventure, tranquility and romance combine in this journey through make-believe.

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