• INP 9 "Swagger" - Gritty rock just bursting with Indie attitude. Ten tracks with broadcast edits to show the world who's boss.
  • INP 8 "Clear Water" - Gentle, acoustic, country-flavored tracks for the great outdoors. Eleven tracks with broadcast edits - pure as a mountain stream.
  • INP 7 "Desert Sky" - Western-flavored, ambient, floating underscores set the scene for wide-open spaces. Twelve tracks with broadcast edits head for the empty road.
  • INP 6 "Undercover" - Dark alleys and shady characters abound in this late 60s-influenced retro detective fantasy. Twelve tracks with broadcast edits bring back some old-school cool.
  • INP 5 "Summer Camp" - Pack your bags and head to summer camp with this collection of fun-filled kids music. Twelve tracks with broadcast edits take you back to good times.
  • INP 4 "Photographs" - Memories of simpler times and fun afternoons abound in this collection. Twelve tracks with broadcast edits have the flavor of days gone by.
  • INP 3 "Way Out West" - The wild west can be a bit strange in places, and these tracks prove it. Twelve slightly quirky tracks with broadcast edits.
  • INP 2 "Lazy Days" - Remember the days of a fishing rod in your hand and a toe in the pond? You will with these twelve relaxed, nostalgic tunes with broadcast edits.
  • INP 1 "Lonely Road" - The long, empty road goes past some rather strange joints with this collection of twelve slightly quirky retro-flavored tracks with broadcast edits.

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