World-class music for film, television and the web

In addition to producing world-class music, Patti and I are committed to running an ethical and value-based company that is mindful of its environmental and energy footprint.

We are the founders of Omni and the founders of Grassroots Enviroinmental Education, a non-profit environmental health organization with a mission to inform the public of the links between common environmental exposures and human health. Omni and Grassroots share office space, and for many years Grassroots has benefitted from the Omni business infrastructure.

From time to time, we share some environmentally friendly goodies (and related information) with our Omni blanket customers. Recent shipments have included organic chocolate, vegetable seeeds, natural salt, local honey and reuseable shopping bags.

So while you enjoy using our amazing music, you'll know you're also helping make the world a safer and healther place for us all to live. Learn more about Grassroots at our website. And thank you for your support!


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Omnimusic is a world leader in the production and distribution of music for film, television, web and corporate communications. Our production music libraries include thousands of tracks in every conceivable genre, style, mood, texture and color.
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